Our city's unspoken LGBTQ+ history

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Now You See Me


We were totally delighted to welcome film-maker & researcher Esme Waldron as well as contributor & activist Janet Jones to LGBTQ+ History Club 5 last weekend. In case you missed it you can watch Esme’s inspiring an beautiful film online.

In Esme’s words:

“Now You See Me is the collaborative project of one older lesbian researcher/writer and one queer, curious young film-maker.

 Building on Jane Traies’s research into the Lives and Experiences of Older Lesbians in the UK (University of Sussex, 2014) and into the invisibility of Older Lesbians (University of Birmingham, 2009), together we embarked on this project to make visible an under-represented group with many stories to tell.

The film explores the potential of intergenerational dialogue within the LGBTQI+ community, centred around the working relationship of the film-makers themselves –

Jane and me.”