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Brighton LGBTQ+ History Club – Topher Campbell


Brighton LGBTQ+ is back. For our first session of 2019 we are delighted to be welcoming Topher Campbell.

Dr Topher Campbell, theatre and filmmaker and writer, is the co-founder of London’s rukus! Archive.
The rukus! Archive was established by Topher Campbell and Ajamu X in 2005. It is Europe’s first archive dedicated to the histories, culture and experiences of Black LGBTQ people in the UK. The rukus! Archive received a Landmark Archive Award in 2008 from the London Metropolitan Archives where it is now housed.
In his talk Topher will introduce the archive through his personal experience as Black Queer man detailing what inspired and moved him to make the archive. He will also talk about how important it is that the archive remains a living and organic testament to the people who contribute.

At this history club event, we will also begin the planning and collection of our queer community exhibition!
We are keen to have as many of you budding historians and collectors on board.

So to kick things off, we’ll be holding a collection session in the second part of the afternoon after the talk. If you have something you would like to be considered for inclusion in the exhibition, or you have any items that could be scanned (such as flyers and photos) as part of a digital photographic display, bring them along to this session.
Search through your boxes of mementos. Is there anything that tells a story about being LGBTQ+ in Brighton?

Also bring along anything that relates to a queer history project in Sussex that you have been involved with or know about, as we will also be showcasing local queer history projects in the show.

The history club is open to all (18+) and is free but booking is required, ticket are available HERE

Please consider making a donation if you’re able to help us support future sessions.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments then let us know on here or email info@queerinbrighton.co.uk

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