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Brighton LGBTQ+ History Club – Campbell X


Brighton LGBTQ+ History Club is back! For our second session of 2018 we are thrilled to be welcoming Campbell X.

In this provocative session, award-winning filmmaker Campbell X takes us on a journey of discovery challenging us to question why Queer People Of Colour are consistently erased from LGBTQ and POC history.

This will also be a chance to discover some of Campbell X videography, as they’ll be projecting extracts of their work including their debut feature film STUD LIFE, the hit webseries DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS, and discuss their documentary, VISIBLE, which will open the Scottish Queer Film Festival in December 2018.

If you like History and museum and want to be more actively involved in our Club, make sure to come to this session! We’ll be presenting you with two amazing opportunities to get further involved in the collection ad conservation of LGBTQ Heritage in Brighton.

The history club is open to all (18+) and is free, but please consider making a donation if you’re able to help us support future sessions.

Please make sure you book your (free) ticket at this link:
It helps us to know how many people are coming, and we can make sure there is no cake shortage!

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments then let us know on here or email info@queerinbrighton.co.uk